• November 2018 Newsletter

    Dear Fitness Family

    You have without doubt noticed the many investments we made in the last 12 months towards improving your gym experience. We spent over £35,000 since ordering the new bikes last September with the plasma screen and the communications hub, had both studios redecorated, renewed the car park fencing, flags and gravel, and installed new men’s showers. The list of improvements goes on, and the feedback we have received about the changes is great.

    Nevertheless, we still need new members: what business is not constantly searching for ways to grow? The reason we seek new members is that some of our clients have left for pastures new: some leave to have babies, or when their job changes their hours, and some decide even after many years of training with us that they need a fresh challenge. We get it: it’s not personal, it’s just life.

    The Fitness Factory has much better levels of customer loyalty than ordinary gyms, where members are lost in a crowd and anonymously go about trying to get fit on impersonal machines with little or no human contact. They don’t know your name nor care if you come or go. We know you, we know your physical situation, we know your background, and we do care. The Fitness Factory is all about the personal touch that we bring, and due to this our members stick around much longer than in traditional fitness centres: average membership duration is 3.5 years compared with 9 months for traditional gyms.  Nevertheless people do leave and every member that leaves needs to be replaced.

    This is where you come in! We know you love coming to our classes, and we want to reward you for spreading the word. Bring your friends, bring your partners, bring your husbands and wives, bring your children and colleagues – we will make it worth your while!

    If you are on a Pay As You Go membership and introduce a new member to us, after their free taster, when they buy a 10-class voucher you will get your next voucher for £40 instead of £65. How’s that for an incentive? You will be doing your friend a favour as they become slimmer and fitter thanks to you, and you get rewarded for it as well: it’s a win-win scenario. If your friend commits to a Full Membership your 10-class vouchers will be permanently discounted to £60 for as long as they remain members.

    If you’re already on a Full Membership we will reward your referrals in a couple of different ways. If your referral buys a 10-class voucher your next month’s membership will be £25 lower, or if they commit to a Full Membership your own membership fee will be reduced by £5 per month as long as they remain members.

    Do yourself and your friends a favour, bring them over here and we will make sure they get healthier and happier – it may take a while but eventually they will be grateful to you!

    Personal Training Membership

    We are about to launch a new type of Personal Training membership, details of which will soon be forthcoming on our website and FaceBook page. It will be based upon coming to the gym once a month for a one-to-one session with one of our instructors, plus occasional classes whenever possible. The logic behind this type of membership is that people are often short of time (who isn’t these days?)

    Having no time for exercise is the number 1 most common excuse people give for not exercising. So we are creating a series of workouts lasting 15-20 min to be done in the morning, before breakfast and work. One hour of individualised one-to-one Personal Training per month is easy to make space for. During the monthly appointment we will teach you how to safely conduct this daily “Good Morning” routine, to include a 3min warmup, some bodyweight cardio and strength conditioning of the upper body, core, and legs with a 2min stretch at the end. The only equipment necessary is a pair of dumbbells and a mat. The monthly PT sessions also measure and track progress, giving real time feedback on the fitness journey.

    There is no better way to start the day! The Good Morning routine will energise you, wake you up, teach your body to burn fat, and set you up for the busy working day. Do it 3x/6x per week and grab an occasional class once a week or whenever you can. Each month we will teach you a new routine building on the preceding one, and gradually get you fitter, all in your own time and mostly in your own home.

    Fitness Holiday Breaks

    We are finalising the details for hosting people living outside the area to come to Totnes for a fitness break up to fourteen days. This combined vacation / fitness program will get their journey towards health and fitness well and truly started.

    We have a gorgeous cottage in Cornworthy, photos coming soon, for outsiders to be hosted in luxury accommodation directly next door to our own home. We will teach one hour per day of Personal Training, mainly strength conditioning and stretching techniques, plus four hours of Pilates and four hours cardio in regular classes each week, plus a half day outdoor “exercise experience” according to preference.

    The “exercise experience” outings will inspire customers to adopt a sport in their day-to-day fitness routine back at home. Activities on offer include hikes on Dartmoor or the SW Coast Path, kayak outings at sea or on the Dart, mountain bike or road rides, and a host of other sports including tennis, squash, horse-riding and more, where we have arranged instruction with qualified local teachers.

    This type of activity holiday is for people who would love coming to Devon to combine a vacation with fitness training in a wonderful setting. Pricing will be around £350-£500 per week for the self-catering accommodation (according to season) and £500 per week for the training. We aim to teach our clients several healthy classic Italian recipes designed to give maximum flavour with minimum calories, then follow up the intensive coaching week with regular updates to the “Good Morning” routine described above, and review food diary updates where weight loss is part of the customer’s initial requirement.

    Do you have any friends outside Devon who would like to try something like this? Someone that would love to catch up with you, and get fit at the same time? Put them in touch with us and we will take care of the rest. They will be grateful to you for helping them get healthy, slim and fit, whilst also visiting you and the wonderful area of natural beauty we are lucky enough to be living in.

    That’s it for now! Watch this space, stay tuned to our FaceBook and website updates, and keep coming – we don’t want to lose you too! And of course bring your friends and family: they will benefit from it as much as you have. You know you love The Fitness Factory – please help us to spread the word.

    Yours in Fitness

    Rory, Tonia, Brenda, Hannah

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