• VIDEO: How to insert cleats into spinning shoes

    In the first of our series of tutorial videos, Rory’s here to talk about why you might want to think about investing in some dedicated spinning shoes (hint: it’s safer and easier!) and how to go about inserting cleats – the part that attaches the shoe to the pedal.

    Here at the Fitness Factory, many of our machines do allow you to use trainers, but if you turn the pedal over, there’s the option to clip in. If you wish to do this, you’ll need MTB shoes (not road cycling shoes) and SPD cleats. You can purchase these at our next-door neighbours, Hot Pursuit Cycles, or of course online.

    This video is for your information, but it goes without saying that if you bring your shoes and cleats in before a class, we will gladly set them up for you!

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