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We all have objectives or goals in mind when we join a gym. Whether it’s to lose some weight, to build some muscle, to achieve a Personal Best in a target event, or simply to get onto the road to fitness, working with Rory will ensure you achieve them in a realistic time frame.

Personal Training is quicker, safer and much more fun than working out by yourself. Rory and the other PTs at The Fitness Factory are highly qualified and have years of experience working with a wide variety of customers from 16 to 86, from rehabilitating injuries to training elite athletes to Team GB and IronMan standard.

We are great at motivating you to go that little bit further than you thought you could, and offer you the opportunity to experiment with new kit, try new techniques and new exercises that you would never have thought of on your own.

Even if you have been coming to The Fitness Factory for years, a few sessions with Rory could break you out of your fitness “plateau” since the body rapidly becomes acclimatised to any given exercise routine, and so a small investment of a few extra hours one to one will take your fitness to the next level.

For total newcomers, a few sessions with Rory are an excellent way to get into The Fitness Factory way of doing things, so you could then bypass the sometimes lengthy process of gaining enough base fitness simply to keep up in your group classes.

All PT programmes begin with a thorough assessment which takes 90 minutes (the cost is still just one hour) and this battery of tests includes testing your CV capacity through a mild sub-maximum aerobic test to give you an idea of how well your heart and lungs are working in unison with your legs,  then we measure your BMI and Body Composition (Fat Percentage versus muscle) and finally a series of strength measurements on your biceps, triceps, quads hams and calves, shoulders chest and abs…. Phew!

Once we have all this data we design an exercise programme that is TOTALLY specific and appropriate to YOU: and which is relevant to your capabilities and will fulfil your objectives, but at the same time is safe for you and enables you to absorb all that hard work and progress rapidly.

Find out more about Personal Training and get more out of your membership than ever.


CASE STUDY FOR PERSONAL TRAINING: Mark Annear – Owner of The Cott Inn – Britain’s Best Pub

I own and run the Cott Inn in Dartington, winner in 2019 of Best British Pub award. We employ over 70 staff and it’s a full-on 24:7 / 365-day a year operation which places enormous demands on my time. Staffing and other issues need to be dealt with promptly and my intense work schedule and life balance can often be upended at a moment’s notice. Plus my young family needs a lot of my attention and gets almost all of my precious spare time.

It’s a physical job as well as an intensely satisfying but also at times emotionally draining routine. I thrive on stress, and I depend on regular exercise to keep both my body and spirit strong and healthy. I find that the physically intense workouts that Rory designs actually GIVE me more energy! Strangely they help me get through even the toughest 12-hour day at my business. Being fit and serene are hugely important to me at this stage of my life and in this profession. 

The free time I have for myself is VERY precious to me. That’s why every single one of the very few hours I can dedicate each week to training have to count. And that is why I choose to train with Rory at The Fitness Factory: my time is my most precious resource, and I need to spend it wisely.

I have been training in Rory’s classes pretty much since the gym opened, and been doing personal training with him one-on-one for about 5 years. We’ve done over 200 PT sessions and I can honestly say that by March 2020 I had reached the peak fitness of my life. Having originally asked Rory just to help me lose a few unwanted kilos (which we easily managed in the first 18 months working together) Rory pushed me to levels of performance I had never dreamed of reaching.  The workouts he designs for me are varied and fun, both challenging and motivating. We never do the same workout twice, yet manage to progress in every area: strength, cardio, flexibility, power, endurance. 

Although through 18 months of Covid lockdowns meant we lost some fitness without the regular sessions, as soon as possible I resumed doing PT with Rory 1:1 and quickly returned to the level of fitness I had in early 2020. Going forward we have started also training with Rory and my 18 year-old son, and doing open water swim coaching and kayak. We also plan to enter some adventure swims and triathlons in 2022 and 2023. I can’t wait to reach even higher levels of fitness, and thoroughly recommend training with Rory, especially if you are time crunched. You won’t regret it. 

Mark Annear

Cott Inn Dartington