• Coming soon: new bikes!

    Coming soon: new bikes!

    We kicked off 2017 by embarking on a programme of investment, starting with renovating our car parks and signage. Next up is an upgrade to our spinning room décor, then on to the big studio and the exterior.

    All nice things to have, but they don’t necessarily offer a better exercise experience, right? Well, hold tight, because your spinning is going to be revolutionised by our planned overhaul of the bikes.

    Every six years they begin to feel a little long in the tooth, and we’re now gearing up for our third generation of spinning bikes with a £25,000 investment scheduled for September.

    But it can only happen if our numbers stay strong. So keep coming, stay committed and consistent and refer your friends and family! It takes a lot of vouchers to cover £25,000, so please help us to sell them.

    You’re going to LOVE the new bikes, and that’s a promise! Bluetooth connectivity, virtual races with other members – they are serious pieces of equipment. Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about…

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