Our Mission

The Fitness Factory is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of its members through group training exercise classes and Personal Training. We believe that attaining realistic health and fitness goals should not be a chore, painful, or dangerous.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach to exercise emphasises the importance of balancing the key areas of cardiovascular fitness, strength, suppleness and nutrition. This brings increased energy levels, heightened mental and physical capabilities, greater confidence and a more positive outlook. The enjoyable, friendly social setting at The Fitness Factory is intended to encourage the gradual and long-lasting acceptance of exercise into our members’ lives. Activity programmes should be fun, involving, and challenging.

We have no machines – all we have is a dedicated team of highly experienced and motivational instructors teaching a rich variety of exercise classes. As we only teach classes, we teach them very well! Most gyms earn their money from the majority of their membership who pays by Direct Debit and never attends. Yet they are always committed to at least a one year contract. We don’t do contracts: our members either pay as they go by buying 10-class vouchers, or pay by Standing Order without commitment. If you want to stop coming it’s very simple: give us one month’s notice and stop coming. Simple and Fair!

Unlike most gyms, who suffer up to 50% turnover of customers leaving every year, we don’t usually lose clients – our turnover rate is a tiny fraction of the industry average.

Why is that? It’s because we care about you, we get to know you, we design an exercise programme specific for you. Come try us out – we are sure you too will be hooked.