• Precautions / Guidelines to avoid transmission of Covid-19 in classes at The Fitness Factory

    Covid-19 precautions

    • Socially Distanced Classes with no drop-ins, no class swaps, no free class tasters
    • Maximum 6 people in the big studio spaced 2m+ apart
    • No bare feet
    • Please bring your own yoga mat
    • No showers
    • Mandatory temperature check at entry (37.4C or over bars your entry) with no-touch infrared digital thermometer
    • Mandatory hand sanitization at entry
    • Please stay at home if you are even slightly unwell
    • Any sign of coughing, sneezing or other sign of illness bars your entry
    • Mask to be worn through building (although not in class)
    • No aerobic exercise (i.e. no “heavy breathing” / “panting” / “huffing and puffing”)
    • No fans
    • No air conditioning
    • Extra 15min cleaning in between classes to spray isopropyl alcohol over all touch points (e.g. staircase bannisters, dumbbells, doorknobs etc.)

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