We make a real difference in your life. Come and experience ‘The Fitness Factory Effect’ for yourself and you will be amazed at how quickly we can make a difference to how you feel.


“I used to have a love-hate relationship with gyms. I knew I should go, I enjoyed the feeling of being fitter and more active, but my problem was I found gyms mind-numbingly boring. With limited direction and zero encouragement I joined others wandering aimlessly from one piece of equipment to the next hoping it was doing some good. The Fitness Factory is totally, TOTALLY different. From the moment you join you are treatred as a friend, not an inconvenience. I really enjoy working out in sessions with other memebrs. We all get the help we need to get the most out of our visits from Rory, Tonia and the other knowledgeable instructors. If you want to get fit, I would definitely recommend The Fitness Factory.”
– Steve W (57)

“Since I started at The Fitness Factory I have absolutely loved it and it has made me unable to attend any other gyms as nowhere compares.”
– Lowenna S (24)

“I have been spinning for 3 years now – it is very addictive and very enjoyable – I love it!”
– Donna R (60)

“Having been very sporty at school I enjoyed exercising throughout my life. I was very upset to have a knee condition which stopped me. I approached The Fitness Factory to see if I could start again, and began Pilates classes. This led on to spinning classes which at first I was hopeless at. However, over the next few weeks the endorphins got working and I became addicted to the classes, the atmosphere at The Fitness Factory and the contact with others in the class, as well as the excellent teaching. Now I feel fit, much more energised and very happy to have discovered the place. A big thank you to Tonia and Rory.”
– Donna C (45)

“It was only four months ago that I looked – and I mean TRULY looked – at myself in the mirror, and I was scared. It is hard to run from the disappointing image that is your reflection. It was then that I grew out of my ignorance and decided to make a change. This major change in my life is The Fitness Factory. In four months I have lost 2 stone and my self-esteem has increased. I have decreased in size from a tight 38” to a comfortable 36”. I recommend The Fitness Factory to anyone who wants to make a change in their life. I am very happy to be welcomed in the family that is The Fitness Factory.”
– Gurrik T (18)

“Having used a regular gym for many years I was a little skeptical about going to a class based gym, I think this was mainly down to how I visualised it to be and maybe it was for women only?. Mid 2007 my wife convinced me to try it and well… I can truly say that it has transformed my life. Within four weeks I had cancelled my regular gym membership and had joined the Fitness Factory. Having an instructor present all the time has huge benefits over a regular gym, I have learned how to exercise correctly with good posture and how to stay safe. I now attend three spinning classes per week and at least two core / toning classes. I am officially addicted and would recommend it to anyone!”
– Lyndon M (43)

“I bought one month’s membership to The Fitness Factory at a charity auction shortly after they opened three years ago. I have never looked back and have been a full member ever since. I find the classes give more incentive than the usual gym. There are classes to suit everyone, from gentle classes like yoga and pilates to the more strenuous “ICE”, “Boogie Combo” and “Step’n’tone”. It has friendly instructors and a relaxed club feel that is not intimidating. I have never been fitter. Here’s to the next three years and beyond!”
– Fiona H (45)

“A great way to keep fit in a friendly and encouraging environment – good tunes too!”
– Amy W (25)

“I used to come on a regular basis, but for various reasons was unable to continue. I’ve been back for two months – I love it, feel happier and fitter. I cannot praise The Fitness Factory enough for their support and encouragement. They give me the feeling of “belonging”.
– Diana D (60)

“I’ve been attending various classes for the last three years and as well as the fitness benefits I have achieved and maintained a good level of stamina. I still really enjoy all the classes – The Fitness Factory is a very friendly and fun place.”
– Trish L (64)